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We have two locations in beautiful Miami Beach. We're close to the beach and have a large variety of the finest wines found in South Florida.

Looking for things to do in Miami? Miami offers a huge selection of restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets. The local cuisine relies heavily on fresh seafood and fish. There are many small restaurants offering high class American cuisine, far removed from the stereotypical fast food chains, while Cuban food is everywhere.

Miami stands out for its huge selection of Cuban restaurants. In contrast to other states, where cooking styles form part of the cultural identity - such as example Louisiana's cajun recipes or the Texan barbeque - Miami has a wide range of gastronomy with diverse flavors and ingredients, which reflect the multicultural character of the state.

Miami prides itself on boasting huge quantities of fresh products, ranging from tropical fruit to seafood. It’s no coincidence that the most prestigious cooking contest in the U.S. takes place in Miami. Many of the different wines and liquors are provided by MB Liquors.